Pacman eats Morales alive

Revenge is definitely sweet.

Pacquiao, got his payback for a unanimous decision loss to Morales last March 19, powered his way to a couple of knockdowns and a 10th-round TKO in a junior lightweight fight before an enormous crowd of 14,618 at the Thomas & Mack Center.

Manny proves all critics wrong who said, yeah right, when he said that the gloves made a difference in their first bout. I'm not a boxer but with the result, I think it does. I'm just wondering why they say that it's just the gloves, when it's stipulated in the contract before that they should both use the foamy Winning gloves? If it's not that important, I guess they should leave the glove thing as ease, let 'em wear what they want.

Enough with that.

Even though there's no title at stake in their match, plenty of national pride was, as possible the best fighter to come out of our homeland who stopped the legendary Erik Morales, who never suffered a legitimate (he was punched to the canvas one time by Barrera in their first epic bout, but many thought it was an incorrect decision by the referee) knockdown in his entire career.

A left hook whacked Morales down to his knees. He clutched the ropes and attentively took an eight-count from referee Kenny Bayless before escalating to his feet. But moments later, Pacquiao landed a duo of right hands that banged Morales down yet again to his knees, and Bayless called it off at 2:33 without a count.

Pacquiao wobbled Morales in the second round with a left hook, sending him faltering backwards and clutching the ropes to hold him up in what could have been ruled a knockdown.

Pacquiao began stunning Morales in the sixth, heaving him with rights and lefts as the Filipinos in the crowd began to chant his name.

Morales nearly went down at the end of the round as he again grabbed the ropes to stay upright, but Bayless didn't call it.

It didn't matter, as long as Pacman got the W, it's all good.