First day high

Summer has come and passed, the thought of school never lasts. Well, school time has just started. Yeah, it’s different here; we start our classes at June. And first day just took place yesterday.

I thought I’m going to be late as I left the house around 7:30 in the morning and my class starts at 9.

Got there at school pretty early, around 8:45 and saw my classmate before. We talked for quite a bit and then my peers came one by one. We got in the room and probably fell asleep or our minds went floating to different places, as the professor is somewhat boring. The class is literature and it would have been much fun if the teacher is lively but it’s still too early to judge.

The next class was Constructive Accounting. The professor is quite young and seems like a good one. He specializes in auditing and tax, it’s his first time to teach Constructive Accounting so it might be a problem.

After that, we had our lunch to the usual place and went to the mall as soon as we finished our meal. We roam for quite a bit and my legs got stressed out early. We went to a videoke/karaoke room and they sung their hearts out. I really have a terrible voice so I participate just a little. We finished singing and went back to school for our last two classes.

Next on our schedule at 3 in the afternoon was Speech. The professor is funny and really good at speaking (duh). Well, I’m looking forward to the subject since I’m not really good at oral communication. He introduced himself and we all had our turns to do the same. Before I was called, he asked us if he could ask us personal questions, like boyfriend/girlfriend, virginity, etc. So, when it was my turn my friends teased me about the virginity thing. The prof got amused, asking how in the hell did she know (one of my closest friend) that I’m not a virgin anymore. But he leaved it at that. What’s wrong if I’m not a virgin? The other two was asked if they’re still a virgin, both said yes but that’s nothing to me.

Our last class went fast as the professor didn’t attend and we went home early.

So, that cap off a very long first day. Whew.


Long day

First day of school seems forever. Well, not really, maybe it was just a long day.

 From now on, I have to wake up before 6 in the morning, a little earlier than my usual routine, but I can definitely manage. My schedule always starts at 9 AM, therefore, I’m off to school at around 7 because of traffic, which I didn’t experience much for a couple of days, maybe it’s still too early to tell as some may not have classes yet.

We have met four, out of the six, professors and I can say that they look alright, not in a physical sense, but they seem to be good teachers. One of them was our prof before in Cost Accounting, and he’s really good even though the subject is pretty hard.

Our class is partly divided into groups. Our group, their group and others. Well, maybe it’s still early to tell but looks like this semester will rock. Some girls have caught my eye too, apparently they’re on the other group. 🙂 But who knows, the sem is young.

Anyway, our dismissal is a lot early than before. We head off at around 6 in the evening and sometimes at 4:30 in the afternoon.

My friend, Ruth, made us wait for an hour on the first day. I’ve already waited for an hour and a half for my peer, Van, as he wanted to change his section.

Anyway, I’m so used to waiting and patience is in my dictionary, so it’s all good. It just made the day long.