Love like You Have Never Been Hurt

Lovers Silhouette Sunset

Valentine’s Day has recently passed and my love life has changed since the last time I talked about it a few years back.

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100 reasons why she’s the best

  1. She is always happy
  2. All the time, she is smiling
  3. When she smiles, her eyes close  (^-^)
  4. I love the way she laughs
  5. She can make me laugh with a single look, even if we don’t know what we’re thinking.
  6. She is very friendly
  7. She likes to keep everyone happy, putting their feelings before her own.
  8. Even if I only knew her this semester, it feels like I’ve known her forever
  9. She can be trusted with my life and secrets
  10. She’s addicted to movies
  11. She’s afraid of dolls (Chucky?)
  12.  Her hair is so nice, especially when it is tied pony-tailed
  13.  Her dimple is so cute
  14. Her glasses fits perfectly [nice color, by the way (transparent)]
  15.  She makes me feel comfortable around her, I don’t have worry how I would act
  16.  Talking to her on the phone is great. We could go on for hours
  17.  Her life is busy yet she takes some time to go to service-oriented organizations
  18.  Her smile makes her more beautiful
  19.  She is the nicest person on the planet
  20.  She’s devoted in her studies, she could stay up to 4 in the morning reading notes
  21.  Her simplicity stands out for me
  22.  She is understanding, you can easily talk to her about any problem
  23.  Her advices are so admirable, you really have no choice, but to follow it
  24.  Optimistic. Thinks positive in every thing
  25.  Loyal.  Especially to her friends
  26.  Down-to-earth.
  27.  Ideal girl
  28.  She is beautiful
  29.  She has a strong faith, never misses a mass (even if it takes several hours)
  30.  She stands up for what she believes in
  31.  I love the fact that she’s not afraid to cry
  32.  She has taught me about life and myself
  33.  She’s fond of Mickey Mouse and I don’t know why
  34.  There’s nobody else in this world like her and no one will ever come close
  35.  She has incredibly big heart
  36.  She knows both my good side and bad, and yet she still accept me anyway
  37.  God blessed me with the best gift imaginable – her
  38.  She is comfortable alone, she can shop & eat by herself
  39.  She is my best friend
  40.  She lets me be honest with her
  41.  She doesn’t hide anything from me
  42.  She loves her niece, Dale is definitely lucky
  43.  Did I mention she’s beautiful?
  44.  She is more organized than anyone I know
  45.  She is very neat
  46.  Smart. Has wit and wisdom.
  47.  She has a loving family
  48.  She loves to sing
  49.  One of her favorite songs, Crazy for You, I think. I saw her singing in the classroom. (I hope she knows that I’m crazy for her)
  50.  Her mole under his right eye is cute
  51.  She never drinks Coke or any other soft drinks for that matter
  52.  But she drinks alcohol occasionally
  53.  She’s into action movies and silly comedies (how come?)
  54.  She has a playful sister, they bite each other sometimes
  55.  Her mom looks just like her; I’m not sure though who’s prettier 😉
  56.  [too personal]
  57.  She loves the color pink, I guess. Her watch is pink, her bag is pink, what else?
  58.  She has a handful of bag. Everyday it’s different
  59.  She has a Mickey Mouse bag
  60.  She also has a Mickey Mouse earring
  61.  If I can remember correctly, she mentioned before, she has a Mickey Mouse pillow, too.
  62.  Patriotic. I asked her before, Jollibee or McDonald’s, she said Jollibee, we’re Pinoy eh.
  63.  She always say that she’s fat even though she’s not
  64.  One time, when it’s raining, she didn’t use her umbrella just because she doesn’t want it to get wet
  65.  She doesn’t complain
  66.  She has a lot of suggestions
  67.  She doesn’t lie to me
  68.  She puts up with my humor
  69.  She had me at “hello”
  70.  She is courteous
  71.  She couldn’t ride a bike (unless it has support)
  72.  She knows when to walk away
  73.  She listens to my advice (sometimes)
  74.  She is kind to strangers
  75.  She is afraid of beggars, I saw her eating before, outside the school and a boy came up to her and asks for something, she takes cover through her friends. Maybe the boy is aggressive :p
  76.  She likes to sleep
  77.  She completes me
  78.  She will probably be the only one who reads this list
  79.  She is older than me
  80.  She is beautiful without makeup (I don’t think she puts on during ordinary day)
  81.  She is humble
  82.  She is funny
  83.  She speaks her mind
  84.  She is not high maintenance
  85.  She likes scrap booking
  86.  She has a smile that lights up a room
  87.  She loves going to church
  88.  She has a cute penmanship
  89.  She laughs at my jokes even though it’s not funny
  90.  She has a soft but big hands for a girl, according to her father, who said she’s good at massaging
  91.  She’s a good listener, I can tell her everything
  92.  She has a short-term memory
  93.  She says words differently
  94.  She makes me smile
  95.  She is Ewoks
  96.  She calls me McDo
  97.  She makes me nervous but in a good way
  98.  She made this semester a memorable one, not just this semester but my life as well
  99.  She’s literally the girl of my dreams, even if I forget my dreams. I always remember when she’s part of it because she always does
  100. Every little single detail about her that makes her who she is

The fact that this list was so easy to write, but also so hard because I had to limit it to just 100 reasons when I can think of at least a million plus reasons why you are the best. I wanted to write this list for you to give you just a little glimpse of how much love is in my heart for you and how much you mean to me and maybe do something that no one else has ever done for you before.

*Gave it to her last March 31. Put it in a number of small sheets of paper. Well, I just wanted to share. 🙂

What is love?

Love is all around. Remember the first time you wrote in a slumbook, and answered the question, it’s funny, just the thought of reminiscing those days.

For me, love is not merely gazing at each other but looking in the same direction. It’s easy. Gazing at each other may not be love but lust. Looking in the same direction is love because that’s what it is, two people sharing their views on love and life.

Watching Little Manhattan made me realize what love really is. There’s a quote that goes, Love is not about those crazy little words. It’s about grand gestures. Plane pulling skywriting in the sky, proposals over jumbotrons, etc. It’s about going that extra mile, even though it hurts. Love is finding the courage inside of you that you didn’t even know was there. 

Table for one

For me, every year it comes, always the same. It's still cold during February but it seems it feels a lot colder than December.

What it's like to be single? It's a roller coaster ride of solitude when I sit in a bunch of happy couples at school, church, restaurants, annoyance at being asked for the nth time why I don’t have a girlfriend yet, contentment from the freedom to travel at the spur of the moment, and grief over the unmet expectations for this phase of my life.

Just by walking at school or in the mall, my sense of sight radars in on couples that are a bit close to each other, unintentionally taunting myself. All I can do is to breathe a heavy sigh, realizing I'm alone. The feeling of loneliness stings me when I don't have anyone to be with, even to talk with, when Valentine's Day is just a few days away. It's kind of depressing. What makes the other couples happy is what makes me suffer in agony.

I always muse over what I had before. Everything was lighter and easier to stomach. The thought of having to share some stories, a few laughs and knowing that there's a person cares as much as you do. Now, it's gone and it seems it doesn't want to return. I've already gotten used to it but still the memories are still there.

Thoughts will come about what could have transpired. But it will just remain a thought. It's always been the case since last February and it has never changed.

What brought me into this situation in the first place? Probably, I haven't met a lot of people besides my classmates because I'm too focused on school and have a short time for socializing. Can anyone blame me for this feeling, when I've been waiting and waiting… and waiting for something that doesn't seem to want to knock on my door?

Its 2006, out of all the special days, Valentine's day is probably the loneliest. The atmosphere of the love month is everywhere, from stores to malls, probably saying it's not the right time to be alone and yet I am. God's crazy about single persons and that genuine fulfillment isn't found in the arms of "Ideal Girl" but in making the most of wherever God has given us even if that's at a table for one.

Love life (or lack thereof)

When I was 11, I found myself in a threesome. No, not the ménage a trios thingy. It involved me, a gal, and a phone. I know it still sounds awful, but it's actually sad. If I'm not in their house, she's in ours. Sometimes she'll call, often times, I call. My days are really characterized by her actions. Well, my world was really that small.

It was really easy to mistake infatuation for love then. We were young, innocent and naive.

I actually had my first crush when I was on kinder. I could remember vaguely the times when I would look all neat just for her. I still could see her in the neighborhood but she doesn't know about it.

My mojo seems to be most effective on no one in particular. The pretty gals — well, I know they're out of my reach. So I've always fallen for the supporting character.

During grade school days, every grade from 1-6, I have a different crush. Every occasion, ranging from Christmas to Valentines, I give them gifts, to show them how I feel; I'm a shy type eh.

High school days were no different. In the first year, I experienced my first rejection. It hurt me so much that I cried for the first time because of a girl. Dang! Well, courting her for 6 months isn't enough for her to tell me straight in the face that she doesn't want anything to do with it. She just told my best friend and he relayed it to me. I called her and she asked me if it's alright, come on, what should I say? I just muttered, "I'm fine." Well, I wasn't but that's the way life goes.

As a junior in high school, I began my career in love. Shortly after less than three months, I retired. There was a third-party and I have to break up with her. It's really hard when you started losing trust on someone.

As a senior, another rejection came my way. Reason: She doesn't think it would work out. How did she know? Is she a psychic? Maybe she said that because it's less harsh than, I don't like you, which I would understand better.

College life is really fun but my luck with love is still stagnant. On our first year, I had a crush on someone but she fell for my cousin. Ouch. It's really awkward because he's my cousin; he's my companion after school. Oh well.

After that, check out my other post, confessions of a broken heart, that's the next.

Second year, there were no happenings at all. I'm contented with study and friends.

Then, third year, I've indulged myself into a fling. Guess what, it didn't last.

And now, I'm still in third year, nothing has changed.

Anyway, ending romances is just like a pastime. It has a start and a finish. Even now, equipped with a record of relationships and flings, nothing can trounce the heartbreak of my first non-love. I'm actually not afraid of rejection; I'm used to it, which makes me more or less numb in the process.

Maybe we grow up to be stronger, but sometimes there are certain things in life that still make you feel like a kid again.

Confessions of a broken heart

Just like the new song of Lindsay Lohan but this is not from daughter to father, probably from a guy(that's me) to a gal.

Christmas is all around as we reached the cold month of December. It's the time of the year I wish to forget before, because I've experienced one hell of a heartbreak on Christmas eve. Yeah, I've moved on already since it's almost two years have past since that incident. I just want to refresh my mind and share the story.

I'm really shy around people I like, it seems that I don't have the courage to come up and talk to them. That's what happened at first to this crush of mine. I first saw her in the terminal of FX taxi's going to school. Then, we even, sitted adjacent to each other on a FX taxi one time.

That's just about it, I thought I'll never get to know her. Surprise, surprise! At the end of the semester, my cousin got her number through a common friend of ours, as he knew that it was my crush.

It started with text messages, chatting online, phone calls, etc. We see each other at school, we loiter in the freedom park, talking. Sometimes I wait for her to ride a FX taxi. She's the only girl I asked personally if I could court her, yeah, I know it's quite lame to ask it but girl's have different preferences, I thought if I ask it in front of her face she would know that I'm serious. Well, we're watching a game of volleyball, a game she love, she was a varsity back in high school, then I have a class at 4:30 in the afternoon, I checked my clock and it's already time, I said:

"Hey, I have a question."
"What is it?"
"Could I court you?"
She thought for a while and muttered, "I'll think about it."

I didn't hear anything about it from her, I just thought I just have to show what I feel. There's a time when I went to school to fetch her, just to surprise her. On the same day, I gave her chocolates, it's packed on a heart-shaped container, that's why I bought it. Also, I went to her house one time, as usual, we just talked. Before leaving, I gave her a book.

I have a feeling that it's going to be a sad Christmas when she texted me on Christmas Eve that she has to say something. She did tell me something, she said that she's going to answer her bestfriend, meaning her best bud would be her boyfriend. She confessed that she felt something with me too but with her bestfriend, the feeling was deeper. I guess it's really deep as they're still together until now.

Oh well. Damn females.