Love like You Have Never Been Hurt

Lovers Silhouette Sunset

Valentine’s Day has recently passed and my love life has changed since the last time I talked about it a few years back.

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Work Like You Do Not Need the Money

It’s been 4 years and a few months since I last wrote an entry. Work did take up most of my time during that period.

What about work? Well, I’m still in the same company though a lot did happen in the past few years. Continue reading

Inevitable death

We all know we’re going to die but we just don’t know exactly when our time is up.

I experienced last year how it felt to lose a close family member. Unfortunately, my grand mother died on a tragic accident in the bathroom. She probably had an heart attack and fell. A pool of blood was left behind which originated from the right side of her skull. Continue reading


Time really flies when you’re working. You wouldn’t notice that it’s already September. I didn’t notice I’ve been working as a corporate slave for four months now. Ok, that may be harsh, should have just termed professional or something. Continue reading