Love like You Have Never Been Hurt

Lovers Silhouette Sunset

Valentine’s Day has recently passed and my love life has changed since the last time I talked about it a few years back.

Before, I did confess of having a broken heart and I disclosed previously in my blog post about my love life (or lack thereof at that time).

Come 4th year college, I was blessed to be in a relationship. Finally, after a few years of being single and always eating on a table for one, I found her – my 1 in 6 billion.

It all started when we were classmates for 1 semester in college (3rd year). Since we pretty much take the same route, most of the time, we ended up going home together. Soon thereafter, my feelings for her started to develop.

It came to a point that some of my friends even got jealous that I always accompany her going home and I miss out on our bonding moments. They did understand, however, when I revealed to them that I was starting to like the girl.

As some of you might know or notice, I’m usually shy around girls. Although when I started to show my feelings for her, I didn’t know that I will be able to do those things that I did.

What were those?

Well, thanks to some movies, I “borrowed” a couple of their ideas like:

  1. 100 Reasons Why She’s the Best (from Just Friends)
  2. Cardboard Scene (from Love Actually)

The cardboard/poster thing is probably the most romantic scene in the movie, Love Actually. I made it possible by using some illustration boards with the following lines, just like in the film except that I edited the Christmas part because it was March when I handed it to her while walking home:

  1. With any luck, by next year
  2. I’ll be going out with one of these girls:
  3. [pictures of models]
  4. But for now, let me say
  5. Without hope or agenda
  6. Just because it’s Wednesday
  7. I have to tell the truth
  8. To me, you are perfect
  9. And my wasted heart will love you
  10. Until you look like this
  11. [picture of a mummy]

You can watch the scene on YouTube here:

I didn’t know that I’ll be able to jot down 100 things why I think she is the best or let alone somehow pull off that cardboard scene (I just handed it out to her) or even write about 365 things I love about her. I believe that love enables you to find courage inside that you didn’t even know was there.

Anyway, our 5-year relationship up to now has its fair share of ups and downs (just like every other relationship), though our experiences together made our relationship stronger. Todd Ruthman once said, “It’s the things in common that make relationships enjoyable, but it’s the little differences that make them interesting.”

Here are a couple more quotes about love:

It is a risk to love. What if it doesn’t work out? Ah, but what if it does. –Peter McWilliams

Take into account that great love involves great risk. – Dalai Lama

Take the risk. Fall in love. Love like you’ve never been hurt.

Image courtesy of Gregory Jordan on Flickr.


3 comments on “Love like You Have Never Been Hurt

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  2. Geca Franco says:

    Hi Pat3ck! I found you through BNP and your header made me curious to hop over.
    Keep up the good attitude about life … and love.

    Think good, talk good and do good!

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