Inevitable death

We all know we’re going to die but we just don’t know exactly when our time is up.

I experienced last year how it felt to lose a close family member. Unfortunately, my grand mother died on a tragic accident in the bathroom. She probably had an heart attack and fell. A pool of blood was left behind which originated from the right side of her skull.

Our neighbors helped my other family members to carry lola to the car and they rushed her to the hospital. I remained at home with my sister and waited for the result. They came back wearing frown on their faces.

Actually, I thought the reason why God took her already was because He doesn’t want her to suffer anymore. Before her death, she already has chronic pain on her knees because of rheumatism.

Vividly, I remember what happened to the last few hours of her life. Around midnight, she woke up while I was watching Shawshank Redemption (great movie, by the way), and she asked if I could get the flashlight. I got it and thought it was unusual.

On the day of her death, I was on the computer when she asked where is my brother. I hate to admit that I said blankly that I don’t know, then I remember that he was going to watch a volleyball game

After a few minutes or so, my aunt rushed to the living room and called on my sister. I felt that there’s something wrong. They busted open the locked door of the bathroom and saw her lying with blood on the tiles.

I went to the Church because my parents are attending the Mass but it’s about to end when I got there. My sister on the other hand, hurriedly followed me and she was the one who called my parents. I don’t know why I didn’t have the courage to say to them what happened.

Yesterday, we visited my significant other’s grandmother who doesn’t have the strength to stand anymore. Last night, they even carried her when she’s about to urinate It prompted me to write this entry. I hope everything will be fine for her and we just have to accept what’s God’s plan is for her.


2 comments on “Inevitable death

  1. forg says:

    My Lola died last September and it was a shocking death since she is a healthy woman and she died suddenly. It really affected because I haven’t seen her in 6 years and nanghinayang talaga ako and the thought of not seeing her again is very painful

  2. pat3ck says:

    Hi forg. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Looks like I’ll follow yours too. 😀

    Anyway, we didn’t expect it too but to borrow a quote from the Bible, death is like the second coming, “like a thief in the night.”

    It’s almost a year now since she passed away. Time really travels fast. Dang.

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