365 things I love about you

365 days have passed and it seems that each day we’re together, I’m falling in love even more. Here’s why:

1. I love the fact that we’re open to everything.

2. We communicate every day, even a single text is enough

3. We’re mature enough — or is it because you’re older? 😉

4. You’re very patient when it comes to other people – with me, you are exactly opposite.

5. Before, we designated a schedule when should I visit your house

6. Now, it’s almost like everyday I’m there. It’s like my second home. Our home in the future.

7. You answer for me although I was the one who’s being asked

8. You accept my past

9. You accept too my weaknesses

10. You understand my faults

11. Whenever we had a disagreement, we don’t forget to straighten it out at the end of the day

12. We watched a romantic movie for our first ever real date

13. You’re a good cook, even if you burned an egg before.

14. You don’t think I’m corny especially when I think I do

15. We eat anywhere — from fastfood to fancy restaurants even in the streets

16. Sometimes, coincidentally, we go to school together without planning on meeting each other

17. You were the first one to say I love you because I’m afraid at that time what would your
reaction be

18. We go to your dentist together

19. Even sometimes he’s not around

20. You ask me when is the last time you went to your dentist because you forget things easily

21. You gave me an inspiration to write an alphabet (A-Z) of you

22. We bought cigarettes, cooking oil and sugar in the market for Mama Oya’s store.

23. If I remember correctly, you said you were sorry because it’s only Champion cigarette

24. I went to Daphne’s birthday party

25. It was the first time: I saw your Papa Memo, we held hands, you leaned on my shoulder

26. We were formally together during our visit at PGH, the same day as the celebration of
Daphne’s b-day

27. We didn’t know until after four days

28. You don’t care about my imperfections

29. You let me accompany you when you’re not feeling well

30. We eat burger outside school

31. We ride mass transits

32. You were there when my calculator was stolen in Recto

33. We’re both number 23 in our speech class

34. We have the same professor too

35. The little thing I gave you was even named on behalf of our professor

36. I remember when you stared back at me after riding the tricycle. It made me smile up to

37. You love my inexpensive photo mosaic of yourself

38. You let me do your website

39. I remember you were also the first to say I love you through text.

40. We went to the funeral of your grandfather

41. We rode a taxi before with your friends and it’s raining hard. I was the one who bought the

42. You let me sleep at your house. Overnight.

43. I slept in your room while you slept with Mama Oya

44. Sometimes you pay for the bill

45. You went to my grandmother’s last birthday

46. It was the first time my family saw you

47. You don’t mind if I steal a kiss from you

48. It happened while we’re watching a Lindsay Lohan flick

49. You love pizza and pasta

50. We eat at Greenwhich despite they take too long to serve the food

51. I remember the first time we said I love you through phone

52. I had the courage already then that’s why I initiated it

53. We went to SM just to accompany Janeth

54. I accompanied you to get your sub-pro license but it wasn’t available

55. We talk on the phone for four hours or so because we seldom do it

56. I joined your family in the memorial park

57. It was the first time I went to Himlayan

58. I waited for you at PNB just to get the palabok

59. You don’t care if my clothes have some dirty spots

60. I wait for you at 711 during college days

61. We had the same company for our OJT

62. Of course, I went to the same company because you’re there

63. You like shawarma

64. And even shakes – but not the banana split recommended by Ate Mau

65. We went to divisoria together

66. It was my first time to get there because of you

67. You have the say whether I should go to your house or not

68. We talk on Yahoo Messenger sometimes

69. I ask you occasionally what I should wear

70. Sometimes we go to your house spontaneously

71. You kiss me on the cheeks unexpectedly

72. One time, the dentist wasn’t present so we walked and just bought sweet corn

73. Before that, a lady asked for a fare and we didn’t know if it’s a scam or not

74. You let me go with you when you go to parlor

75. You don’t mind when I accidentally hit your twins

76. It doesn’t matter when I’m in sweat, you still want to be next to me

77. You love to travel

78. While it doesn’t concen you if I’m a home-body

79. Your family’s favorite restaurant is Kowloon

80. I recall one time, after we went to your dentist, you couldn’t hold it anymore and you use
the CR of Goldilocks

81. You let me buy you dolfenal one time because your tummy aches

82. We eat at Kenny Rogers

83. You let me join the blessing of the house of your cousin

84. You visited my grandmother’s funeral

85. Our first kiss (on the lips) was during our way home

86. After a few days, we did it for the first time at your house

87. We texted each other at the same time about the brown out

88. I wait for you when you are having your foot spa

89. We spent Christmas in your home

90. We went to City Hall to get your voters id

91. We went to divisoria with Mama Oya

92. You let me wait until your pedicure is done

93. We usually hang out at SM

94. We eat at KFC

95. Mama Oya wants “chinken” burger

96. You’re very brave now. Before, you are not, especially the time when your home was

97. We eat at McDo, you’re a fries addict

98. Sometimes you go home early

99. You let me walk you up to the terminal of tricycle

100. Now, I always go with you until you get home

101. Sometimes we go to our OJT together

102. You give me a ton of Indian Mango

103. Sometimes you don’t want me to go to your house because it’s late

104. You gave me the reason to write a calendar full of I love you translation

105. Sometimes our plans do not work out

106. We schedule everything

107. Your decisions are ever changing

108. When I’m beside you, you’re not afraid anymore

109. We eat at Causeway

110. One time, I had to chip in because the money Papa Memo gave is short

111. You let me carry the heavy pineapples from Janeth

112. I remember that we went to Metrobank during lunch while we’re having our OJT

113. Then, that same day, you left early because Mama Oya said Papa Memo came home

114. We eat at Lola Idangs

115. On one occasion, you couldn’t wait for me on Yahoo Messenger

116. We eat at Jobi

117. You let me call you Jobi

118. You let me install softwares in your computer

119. Sometimes you don’t entertain me at your house

120. We wait for free rides, from your jeepney or from Kuya Gene and Ate Mau

121. You let me do your website while you were comfortably sleeping

122. We always see each other at Megamall

123. We wait until Ate Mau finishes her workout at the gym

124. You adore sweet corn

125. You let me carry the big picture frames you ordered along underpass

126. You let me wait for you at MRT

127. Sometimes your decisions are confusing

128. That’s why once, I walked from Philand up to our house.

129. You let me wait for hours

130. One time, you do not want them to see me at the Hypermarket

131. You wash the dishes fast

132. We went to ukay-ukay with your barkada

133. We eat at Wham Burgers

134. Mama Oya loves Wham

135. We eat at Chef Donatello

136. We took the professional Civil Service exam on the same day

137. Unfortunately, I passed while you did not

138. Fortunately, you were a cum laude so no need for that

139. You let me pick up Mama Oya and take her to Makati

140. Even if I have to go back to Ortigas and wait for you because you’re having a medical exam

141. Your tummy aches when you have period

142. It’s alright with you even if I slept on your birthday eve and didn’t greet you first

143. Also, even when my boss did not allow me to have half-day

144. Again, you waited for me for an hour or so at SM on your birthday

145. We ate at Pizza Hut on that same day and I’ve given you an I Love You shirt

146. Mama Oya gives me palabok most of the time

147. You like noodles that’s why we eat at Chowking

148. We paid the bill after eating at Max’s one time

149. You let me eat tokwa’t baboy

150. I went with you to get police clearance

151. You joined me in getting my NBI clearance

152. We went to Lyceum and PLM to ask for BSA curriculum

153. We got our grades together

154. I went with you to Makati

155. We walked from Washington to DBP. Whew

156. You let me wait for your medical. You can’t fill the cup that’s why it took us so long

157. We arrived at Tita Agnes’ birthday late

158. We got our toga together

159. We ate at Kowloon on Papa Memo’s birthday

160. You let me wait at MRT to pick you up after your examination

161. We went at your bestfriend’s birthday party

162. It was the first time I saw most of your barkada

163. We ordered pizza so that it will offset what you did to Kuya Gene before

164. You and your family always go to Pug-Pog

165. You wait for me at SM

166. We ate at banana leaves during Mama Oya’s birthday

167. We talk about marriage

168. You didn’t force me to attend Centro

169. You decide if I should go with you at home or not

170. You said we would do something everyday

171. You were the first one to know that I have a job

172. You let me get your graduation tickets at the Bacc. Mass

173. I gave it to you right after you arrived home from Bicol

174. Our parents first met during graduation

175. We took a lot of pictures

176. You accompanied me in getting my SSS number

177. We met at St. James to go to Janeth’s house

178. You vomitted at Chowking after that long travel

179. I met your friends, Aibelle and Bibe during Mama Oya and Papa Memo’s anniversary

180. You understand if I couldn’t come to your house because I was painting my sisters’ room

181. You let me wait at 7-11 after your examination at SMART

182. You were so close in passing the typing exam. The difference is only . (point) something.

183. You accompanied me in getting my 2X2 picture taken for work

184. You went to my house at my birthday

185. You texted me once saying I should not check out chicks

186. We accompanied Ate Mau to the dentist

187. We joined Papa Memo in buying his shoes, eventually, it’s the same shoes he bought before

188. Mama Oya bought me a shirt. It’s you who picked it out.

189. We went to Ramos with Mama Oya and Papa Memo

190. After that, they dropped me at our house

191. You accept that indecent proposal came my way, knowing that I’ll turn it down

192. You waited for me at Megamall and helped me bought polo for work

193. You like chicken neck

194. Someone called you while we were waiting for trycicle and you are sorry for that

195. We like fruit shakes (except banana split flavor)

196. We eat Nachos

197. You thought it’s Juice Ko instead of Juice It

198. You kept quiet at first about the status of your job application but after a while, you gave in

199. We eat BBQ at Grill Queen

200. We saw Sir Rhedjie that rainy day and you said that I already have a job

201. We agreed that we’re not going to leave each other for better or worse

202. Sometimes we go to work together even if I was late for four minutes

203. We talk on the phone until 1 in the morning

204. We went to Daphne’s pediatrician along with Ate Mau

205. We went to Kuya Larry’s wedding in which I saw my professor before

206. We eat at Wan Chai

207. You seldom text when we need a reply

208. But when you need a reply, you text a lot

209. We met Angel at Megamall and ate at Chef Donatello

210. We rode the bus on the way home

211. You have UTI and it doesn’t matter because it will be gone soon

212. We share our load

213. Even if your cellphone eats most of it

214. You were concerned when I was sent home by the company due to measles

215. You visited me during our monthsary when I just had measles

216. You were late one minute for work before because you don’t have access to the door

217. You ask me to call Mama Oya to send you load

218. You gave me palabok when I was sick

219. You called me to kill the cockroach

220. You let me massage you

221. You gave me your umbrella

222. We eat at Goldilocks

223. You let me do the powerpoint presentation

224. We met at Glorietta when Daphne has bukol

225. The taxi driver was nice going home

226. You accompanied me in buying mineral water for my cousin

227. We went to divisoria to buy a shirt for my mother and a jersey for my brother

228. We ordered Cheesy Pops after arriving at home

229. You like squid ball, fish ball, etc from odd balls

230. We like mocha freeze from Brownies Unlimited

231. We scratch each other’s dandruff

232. You can do all chores

233. You always sleep earlier than me even if I have to wake up earlier than you

234. We went to Tito Wood’s house and ate a very delicious type of fish

235. Before that, you borrowed 50 pesos because you don’t have a smaller bill

236. We ate at Chicken Inasal and I was late by a few minutes

237. We checked out different appliances because Ate Mau is going to buy a washing machine

238. Mostly, I open the gate when we arrive at your house

239. Mama Oya makes great palabok

240. You have mango trees in your yard

241. Papa Memo dropped us off at 7-11 for your swimming reunion with your highschool friends

242. We bought Combo Float at McDo and you ate most of the french fries

243. We were picked up by Bogs and Joden to go to the place

244. You bought 3 1.5 liters of Coca-Cola for our share

245. We met at Palengke when you were late and we waited for Ate and Kuya Gene.

246. We bought sabaw at Cocoy Mami & Pares

247. You bought Amoxicyllin 250 mg but Kuya Gene wanted 500 mg

248. You were confusing especially about where I have to wait

249. For compensation, you paid the bill at Kenny the next day

250. If possible, you like to go home early and sometimes you couldn’t wait for me

251. We met at Philand to go to Pug-Pog

252. I met, for the first time, Tito Jimbo.

253. You do not know how to swim

254. You grab my neck when it’s already deep

255. You don’t care if I”m skinny

256. You let me carry you in the pool

257. We took shower simultaneously (public shower )

258. We ate lugaw at Tito Jimbo in one bowl

259. You mostly ate the chicken

260. We ate at Causeway and we were short and I add what’s needed

261. I joined one time when your family went to Cherry

262. We saw a pizza and we wanted one too

263. Sometimes you left your cell phone at home

264. We have the same microwave in your home and in our office

265. We celebrate our monthsary by being together even if it’s just at your house

266. You let me join Ate Mau and Kuya Gene going home

267. You are addicted to chicharon

268. You let me wait at Paramount

269. You only ride a Cher bus going to work

270. We ate at KFC one time and we ate my baon

271. We took a taxi up to Philand because it’s late

272. You said “Filand” during that time

273. We meet at SM Makati

274. We bought our food at World Chicken and brought it to Ate Mau’s office

275. You like to sleep even if you can’t entertain me, I understand

276. We met at SM Makati again and we waited for them at Shell

277. You like Sudoku while I don’t find it enjoyable

278. We eat at Food Choices in Trinoma

279. You like Paotsin but after a few weeks you don’t want it anymore

280. We like Belgian Fries, the one on an ice-cream looking holder

281. You said Ate Mau was loud when she was almost hit by an FX

282. Sometimes you forget your cellphone

283. You like mojos from Ralp’s Potato House

284. You call me when you left your cellphone at home

285. You waited for me at Jollibee for an hour after Kuya Gene still has a meeting

286. After I arrived, a few minutes later, they came, too.

287. You laughed at me after I said sinigang instead of nilaga

288. We waited for Ate Mau and Kuya Gene at Philand

289. We saw Ronnie and you asked him to wait too

290. When we talk about August, you get upset easily

291. I went with you to Reyes for footspa and we ate at Jollibee since it’s late

292. We went to Los Baños for the foundation day

293. You said it’s supposed to be 5:30 but it’s almost 7 when we left

294. You gave me one buko pie which my family loved

295. You went to office one Sunday afternoon and you were sent home after awhile

296. Sometimes you ask me to load your cellphone

297. You text a lot when I’m late

298. You seldom text when you’re late

299. You treat us three at Kenny, the time when you do not text me

300. You also watched Honey my love so sweet when you were a kid

301. You accidentally elbowed my nose

302. We wait for each other at McDo

303. I escort you in canvassing for a cellphone

304. We ate at Greenwich, last service

305. You take my jokes seriously

306. You let me sabit

307. You’re the first girl I’ve ever cried in front of

308. You wake up late

309. You taught me how to make a star using a rubber band

310. We meet at Trinoma

311. We eat at Chowking even if I don’t like it there

312. We eat at World Chicken and you let me try the cheese topping

313. You like Buko Pandan from Paotsin

314. We waited for them at Proj 6

315. It’s alright to you even though we didn’t see each other because I saw Jane

316. You set the time but you don’t usually follow it.

317. Your high school friends still visit you at home

318. You let me wait at Figaro when you’re late even if I’m already at Philand, I went back to

319. You were so disappointed when you and you’re fellow bankers came short

320. You wait for me at Trinoma

321. You piad for the bill at Tokyo2 when there was a kid who’s trying to sell something

322. It doesn’t matter to you if your zipper is broken

323. You let me wait until 11 PM at the FX terminal

324. We ate at Flor’s carinderia since there’s no other establishment open at that time

325. You said we’ll make the most of our Unli but you still sleep early

326. You’re afraiid of dolls.

327. Your food during Sunday is mostly pusit

328. You don’t mind touching my underarm even if it’s sweaty

329. We ate at Jobi and the poor little children knocks on the glass, then Ate Mau saw us.

330. You said your arms are big but it doesn’t matter to me

331. You like Goto King

332. You wear skirt even if I don’t like you to

333. We stay at Go Nuts while waiting for Kuya Gene

334. You wait for me at Greenwhich in Cherry

335. You ordered already and you didn’t order for me

336. You looked good in your uniform even if the other pair is short of one pants

337. Sometimes we take out our foods in Jollibee and eat it at home

338. You let me eat my baon at your house

339. You like balut

340. You stepped on cow’s manure and you blame me for it

341. You understand if I can’t find you in Trinoma and you have to give directions

342. We wait for a jeepney at the new terminal in Trinoma even if it takes 30 minutes

343. One time, we rode a jeepney and the tires got flat

344. You don’t mind if the tricycle driver thought it’s Ramos not Marcos.

345. You let me accompany you to buy gifts for your officemate

346. We eat at Sizzling in Trinoma

347. We went to Tito Wood’s birthday

348. We commute on our way home

349. We took a bus instead of MRT, which lasted for almost two hours

350. We went to Goldilocks to get Regine’s cake and I have to carry it

351. You let me burn a novelty song cd for Daphne and Regine

352. You didn’t entertain me during Regine’s debut but it’s alright

353. You like Lapid’s Chicharon

354. We wait for Ate Mau and Kuya Gene at Trinoma

355. You let us wait for you at Trinoma in the second floor near Food Choices

356. We went to Cherry to accompany Ate Mau and Kuya Gene for grocery

357. We helped Izel avoid your valued client

358. You tease me when Papa Memo drive me home

359. You let me join you on Mac’s birthday

360. You lend Raquel money

361. You cooked fishball and ham one time

362. You don’t mind catching Daphne’s vomit

363. You didn’t notice that Mercurys door was closing at the time in which Kuya Gene ended up

364. You let me buy Combo Float

365. I know you’ll understand my gift doesn’t last a lifetime, but I hope this list does.


4 comments on “365 things I love about you

  1. jen says:

    these aren’t things you love… some things are just statements… hmm

  2. Mas Martine says:

    Nice blog, keep up the good work!

  3. […] let alone somehow pull off that cardboard scene (I just handed it out to her) or even write about 365 things I love about her. I believe that love enables you to find courage inside that you didn’t even know was […]

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