Fat? So what!

Well, I was hanging clothes to dry when one of my cousin’s shorts didn’t fit our hanger, as it keep on faling and falling. By no means he’s no fat guy, he’s just tall and big-boned.

Why the heck I am writing this entry? I couldn’t think of anything to write.

Actually, it doesn’t matter if you’re fat or not, what matters most is what your inside is all about. And that’s coming from a skinny guy who look past the physical appearance.

Well, I know that beauty is only skin deep. Looking good is just the beauty of appearance. It has nothing to do with the inside — personality, wit, character — because looks can deceive.

In my experience, there’s more to beauty than meets the eye. If ever, I wouldn’t care if my friends would stir up a controversy by asking me what did I see in the person I love. I’ll just reply back, what’s wrong with your eyes. Seriously, I think beauty is a product of love. When you’re in love, friends will say that you are blooming, hence, you’re beautiful.

I find it interesting that beauty has a lot of factors: weight, face, figure, color, etc. For me, it’s the little things. The flash of the eye, the sweetness of the smile, just to name a couple.

So, if you’re fat (or skinny, like me), just hold your head up high and forget about the stereotype that you ought to lose (or gain) a few pounds. Remember that beauty is in the eye of beholder.


2 comments on “Fat? So what!

  1. april says:

    hi patrick, musta? april here. just started a new blog kasi. hehe. pa link naman 🙂 tnx. tc

  2. TEA says:

    And besides that, you just have to be confident of who you are!

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