Tres Marias

Yeah, I have three sisters. All are older than me. All are celebrating their birthday on November.

Thanks to them as I’ve learned a lot from them. Thank God, I’m not really in touch with my feminine side, it’s just that they taught me some things I would never forget nor regret.

The eldest of them is already 23. She’s working as a Civil Engineer. We’re not really close. She likes anime; I’m not really into it. She’s old but she’s like a kid as she installs some games in our PC and downloads what else, anime.

She has a boyfriend for so many years, they were already together way back in highschool and they are still going strong. That’s the only thing I like from her.

The second to the eldest taught me to read. I mean, she influnced me to read novels. It’s something I really treasure. I wasn’t really into reading way back in highschool, thankfully before going into college; she gave me A walk to remember on a boring vacation day. Then boom, I was hooked into reading. Next book I read was Tuesdays with Morrie. I’m a sucker for that kind of story — it’s actually a true story. Both of those book made me cry. Why? Well, I can somewhat relate to some of the events that happened, like promising someone you’ll keep in touch but you never did. Some really just got me right on, exactly at the center, like a bullseye. It’s red in color too, just like my heart.

My third sister was the closest to me. Emphasis on was. Well, when we were in highschool we talk alot about school, lovelife, etc. now, not much. She was busy during her college days and now busier in her job.

I miss the times when we joke about everything. I miss teasing her with her ex, her nose, her voice — everything possible thing I could think of that could get her irate. I also remember cracking a joke about my ex, saying it’s her fault that’s why we broke up, which actually, is not the case.

There are a couple of Marias too in our house, my grandmother and my mother.

My lola is so young at heart. When I was born she’s already there at my side, keeping up with my tantrums when I was a kid, catching up with my teenage woes up to now. Thanks for that.

Mama is really someone I look up to. She’s a bit moody but we can manage. She’s too emotional. One time, she cried because of my mistake and I made sure after that, that it will never happen again. I looked at her eyes during our rosary time and she was almost crying, teary-eyed to be exact, and I felt sad. It seems that the burdens she faced before was something she couldn’t bear. I wished I knew the problem but we don’t really talk about any sensitive issues.

There’s also another Maria. But I have to keep it to myself.

Oh well. See you all in the house.


3 comments on “Tres Marias

  1. cashmere says:

    y dont u court the other maria..err mary to be exact.. di ung puro ka post.. di naman nya nababasa.. ok?? para kang adik.. =p

  2. pat3ck says:

    thanks sa advice. meron naman cgurong right time para dun.

  3. anonymous says:

    ano ka ba?! NOW is d ryt time!

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