Me, my brother & basketball

Things we share in common: Name, School (he's back to school after a year of stoppage), Room, Computer, Shirts (even though he's on a chubbier side), Shoes and Sports. Basketball is one of them.

When we were young, pre-teen phase, we always play basketball. Be it in the garage or outside the streets. Thankfully, our coach before found our house and recruited us.

I remember vaguely the size of the opponents, Goliath. Poor little David, we end up mostly on the bench. If not, we'll play the last few seconds/minutes when their lead is blown up in the heavens.

We knew that our time would come. Just a little practice here. Just a little practice there. And then it came.

A few years later after warming the bench for quite some time, we ended up in a good position. We have a championship caliber team. Too bad, it's just in mosquito division. Players should be 11 years old or younger. The starting five is pretty set. We're both the starting guards.

Our first game was forgettable. We were beaten black and blue by Purok 8 (Purok is defined somewhat as a designated area here in our village. There are 11 Puroks overall. We're Purok 10, by the way). If I can remember correctly, when we were running down the court, one of their players muttered while sheepishly pushing me, "Get out of the way!". With my skinny frame, I just let it go.

Coach knew we had the potential to go all the way. We practiced during mornings. We learned how the 2-3 zone works and that's really something. Defense is far more important than offense that's what he told us. Well, it is. As you can get the ball rolling in the offense once you've settled in.

The next games we've won with ease. Then playoffs came. We cruised the first round and went to the Finals. Guess our opponent? You got it right, it's Purok 8. Well, our first and last game that year is pretty much the same. So, we lost. That's pretty much the closest we got to a championship up to now.

Oh well.

Before handing out the awards after a few days, our coach told my brother that he's going to be named the Mythical Five. Good for him. The awards night came, he even scored the games of the night while I was sitting at home playing Heroes of Might and Magic. It was late that's why I went to the court to check on him. The announcer called the Mythical Five one by one. His fourth call, "From Purok 10, Patrick…." I was there amidst the crowd. They doesn't know me. The one who pushed me the first game, even pointed out my brother, as they were in the court. But I went up the stage to get the medal and a much-needed boost of confidence.

It was good getting the recognition. It was ugly seeing my brother disappointed. While we were walking home, he's way ahead of me. When we got home, he remained quiet while my housemates tease him. I just laughed it off, as it's just a stupid medal.

Right now, it just became a running joke in our house. Especially to the two of us.

Well, basketball came to mind when I watched Glory Road awhile ago. I missed him when we're watching DVD together. I miss his quirky inquiries, unstoppable questions and every little bit of his silliness.

I hope he'll come back soon. Well, he will in a week.


2 comments on “Me, my brother & basketball

  1. rem says:

    Congrats on the medal, Pat. I am sure it was well earned.

  2. pat3ck says:

    Well, I don’t know my stats back then. 🙂

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