Back with a vengeance

Vengeance in a good way. Oh well. In the last three months or so, you might have missed a lot of happenings on my end, here are some of them:

My old blog got “infected by a virus”. Hence, I’m creating a new one.

I had my 19th birthday. Pretty forgettable one.

I now have a love life, it seems hard given our situation, but at the end of the day we still manage to smile.

Summer classes is history. Finished third best in one of the subject, Law on Partnership and Corporation.

That’s just about it really. You thought it’s going to be a lot eh.


3 comments on “Back with a vengeance

  1. rem says:

    Good to have you back

  2. pat3ck says:

    Thanks rem. It’s nice to be back.

  3. ur virus says:

    virus huh.. well im pretty confused with ur “we” and ur luvlyf.. can i ask.. is there really a “we”?? hahaha dream on.. she aint urs.. and will never be.. im tryin so hard to reconcile with u.. but to heck with it.. now its becoming clearer and clearer whay are ur intentions on that day.. for the fact that ur being irritated with me for no reason is absurd.. you do have a reason.. and WE know it very wel.. you cant hide with me.. but dont worry.. you dont want to fix it.. then lets make it worse… ciao for now..

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