Sound of music

Who said English is the universal language? I guess not. I think its music.It’s been said that music is the universal language. The older I get, the more I perceive that this seems to be truth rather than a pretty cliché. Despite what background or country one hails from, music is implanted in the daily way of life of its people.

Music is the inner or universal language of the world. I do not know any other language aside from Tagalog and English. But if music is played, immediately the heart of the music penetrates into my heart, or my heart penetrates into the music. My heart is connecting with the heart of the music and in our connection we become inseparably one.

Music is called the universal language of the world because of many reasons. First and the foremost, music is made up of 7 main notes. No matter, what part of the world you are, and what instruments you occupy yourself with, all the music created are one of the 7 notes. There may be different names for all 7 notes in different parts of the world, but for the musician, they are still the same. Secondly music, being a form of art can reach the deepest parts of your heart and soul. You don’t have to be a psychologist to understand music. As long as any tune and beat make you feel yourself, it is the best doctor a person can find, and best medicine anyone can recommend. Thirdly music, like any other language can express any and every type of emotion. But where it scores more is where the words fell short of expressing, while music can go on and on vocalizing all that you ever want to say.

Music has an ability to transcend. You can lose yourself in another world with music, just like Eminem’s song “Lose Yourself”. It can calm you or it can stimulate your senses. It can motivate you or make you imagine. It can rejuvenate you or bore you to sleep. Music can surprise you, provoke you, or be a voice for the anger you are feeling within. It can make you happy or bring you to tears. It can summon up lingering memories of the past. Music can give you the longing to suddenly play the imaginary air guitar, head bang, or dance around your room. Music is the essential communicator and conductor of emotions.

I am pleased that there is such a diversity of music. To me, music comes and goes into my life, just like my relationships do. Some are here for a short period of time. Some come into your life and stay for a while. Then you may "grow apart" and go your separate ways. Others come into your life at just the right time, giving you strength or a significant voice when you need it most. Others come into your life and never leave, becoming "life-long friends." Some grow on you like a fungus, slowly and painfully. I feel that, like a relationship, each type of music has its spot, and it came into your life at the precise and perfect moment.

Currently, the mood of my play list is melancholy. I guess I’m depressed but there are still some things that offset my problems. Thanks to my friends and especially my best friend. Here is a quote for them: “Time alone can prove the worth of a person. As time goes by, we lose the false ones, and keep the best. Because true people stay when all the rest are gone.” (This makes me teary-eyed really. :’c)

I'll just end this with a quote by Shakespeare, "If music be the food of life, play on".


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