Best things in life are free

There are some things money can't buy, for everything else there's… Oops, I'm not advertising.

Actually, that advertisement campaign made some strides as it moves and touches those who are watching the said less-than-a-minute ads on TV.

For example, in one such commercial there is a father and his young son headed to the baseball park. It first shows the dad buying his son a hot dog and you see the words, "Hot dog at the big league game…$3.00." The next scene displays the dad buying a game program and the words, "Program…$6.00." Then, one of those large, orange hands with the fingers forming a #1 is shown and you hear something like, "Large, orange hand…$15.00." The ad finishes by exhibiting the father explaining some important aspect of the game to his son, who is listening intently as he looks up at his father with eagerness in his eyes, "Meaningful conversation between a father and a son…priceless."

Just like in our life, there are those priceless moments where we do not know the value, until we ponder about it. Thinking about it long and hard, I've got a few on my list:

1. Family

Well, it may sound clichè but having a family who is supportive in everything you do is a definite plus for me. It's a blessing to have that kind of family. Actually, we're not that close in the sense of talking out loud our problems or happenings in our lives, but at the back of my head, I know that they're just there for everything, whatever happens.

2. Friends

Gosh, I don't know where to start. As you might know, I haven't had a (serious) girlfriend for over three or four years already but it didn't made my life miserable. Thanks to my friends. I treat them just like my brother or sister. Here's a good quotation to sum up what I feel:

"A man pointed a knife at me and asked: "Would you die for your friends?" I laughed. He didn't know I have a gun. So I shot him, saying… "No, i'd kill for them.."

3. Dog

And to borrow a quote from Tony's signature:

"The more people I meet…the more I like my dog…"

Just remember there are some things money can't buy. I know you have your own list for it, just remember to value them right. Do not wait for some other time, do it now.


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