Number 6, please

It's like a doctor's prescription.

That's what I order every time I visit McDonald's, the never ending cheeseburger meal. When I have a lot on my mind, before going home, I eat at the said fast food chain. Sometimes I have company, more often than not, I'm alone.

It's actually good as I can think of a lot of things. Ranging from problems to problems, did I mention problems? In our house, I really can't think rationally as we also have our fair share of problems at home.

I've found my separate peace sitting, eating, thinking on a four-legged chair in McDo, with all the people inside just a blurry reminder of the outside world.

In the last month or so, I went there 6 times.

But as I swung open the door, leaving the place, I always feel relieved. I'm relieved, knowing that these problems shall pass. Just one number 6 and it seems that it's just like what the doctor ordered.

One last thing, before I forget, I went there yesterday.


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