Dang hypocrites

Hypocrisy also refers to the act of criticizing others for behavior which one
engages in as well, or in other words, not practising what you preach. An
example would be a parent who smokes, but admonishes their adolescent child not
to smoke. Some people believe that most, if not all people are hypocrites since
we constantly criticize what we deem to be bad behavior, even though most people
do bad things at some point in their lives.

That's from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Anyway, I really do not like hypocrites. That's why I do not like my sister and my neighbor at all.

First off, I'm really annoyed with my sister's voice, it's so loud, even the decibel couldn't measure the loudness of her normal tone (sounds shriek to us). She always sound angry and that is really irritating, even when she's talking to our folks. Well, I always use the computer and it's close to our telephone. When she would talk to her boyfriend, it's impossible not to hear her scream or irate, which makes me even more peevish.

Alright, it's not hypocrisy, I'm just giving a background check.

Here goes, I'm actually patient, contrary to what my father is, (like father, like son? well, no) but I easily get fed up with my sister. The latest happening was when she came down from their room and asked me hysterically why didn't I hear out the announcement from the outside (it's about the water disconnection thingy), well, I'm actually on the phone when that happened. So, I just said, "I'm talking to someone eh," followed by, "as if you don't do that too."

Well, she did in fact did something similar. She was talking on the phone and the doorbell was rung. After a few minutes, no one answers the door, my father from upstairs looked down and saw our resident newspaper-neighbor-distributor who's going to collect the payment for the week. My father went down the stairs to the front gate like a wind… if the wind is a 50+ year old man with short hair. He went ballistic with my sister who's busy talking on the phone. I think he has the right to because the phone is just in the living room, where a door and a few feet separates it to the gate.

I know it's really shallow, I'm just annoyed.

Next, our neighbor. Our @!@#ing neigbor, who can't stand our dog's bark in the morning.

Well, he's a cute dog, look at him. He's a mixed-breed of Japanese Spitz and some road-lurking dogs, but still he looks cute. Anyway, before, he was in a cage, near the front gate. Every morning, he wants to get out to pee and do his thing, but my grandfather wakes up way late that's why our dog keeps on barking and barking. Then, after a few days of the same routine, my neighbor told my grandfather that they would report the dog-barking incident as they can't take it anymore. What did we do? Yeah, we went at the front of their house and threw some eggs. Well, I'm just kidding. We compromised by sending our dog in the 2nd floor where he can roam around freely. If you would look at the picture, that's the tiles from his newly found home.

Where's the hypocrisy? They have their own set of dog. A chihuahua and a golden retriever. They make some noise too, not just in the morning but also during: when someone arrives, when the gate is open, when a car parks, even now as I type this. What gives?

Oh well. I know it's just a pretty light situation but I just wanted to share. 🙂


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