How come we ask that question when we are faced with too much problems? When blessings head our away, did we ask why? Did we even say thanks? My answer is in the negative.

I'm guilty to inquire about the obstacles coming my way, but when good things happen, I'm so overzealous and forgot about thanking whoever made it possible.

Currently, I'm re-reading Purpose Driven Life, (Yeah, re-reading. I've read it before but my priorities right now are a bit of a mess) and I stumbled upon the line of struggling to accept things, that's why I'm typing this.

At first, it's really hard to fathom some things, but eventually, you'll have no choice but to accept those. I have a lot of things I'm struggling to understand, be it physically or something, and it's hard in the beginning but as time pass by, you forgot about it, and then, I just fail to notice it.

It's a cliché but there are really lots of people who are encountering much harder problems than you. And that's what I try to tell myself. And everything is all good when I ponder about it.


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