Boarding the wrong train

"It doesn’t matter where the train is going. What is important is deciding to get on."

Yesterday, I literally boarded the wrong train. I was on the different side of the tracks, didn't know it was bound elsewhere. After a couple of stations have passed, realizing my mistake, I quickly alighted.

I started thinking about my joyride and came to a conclusion that it's comparable to our life.

How many trains/bus/taxi have you allowed to go by in your life because you were doubtful of where they were headed? How often have you noticed yourself standing on the platform/waiting shed watching them come and go, trying to decide which one was the right one for you? There you rest, frozen in uncertainty, as the world around you revolves by.

In order to learn, we need our lives to stream like a river, keep it progressing. Seek out new things and be open to experiences are the first step, we just need to believe that this life will circle on us to where we want to be if we are conscious and take advantage of the opportunities handed in front of us.

The answers we are in quest of are not constantly right in front of us. We, from time to time, have to take a longer and farther route than we would have hoped for to reach our destination. Our journey may call for many trains; and if we hold ourselves back from boarding even one of the trains on our route, we may never really reach our goal.

So, the next moment a train/bus/taxi comes your way, climb on board and take the plunge of all the stuff you would have passed up had you let it go by.

"Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there." – Will Rogers


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