Confessions of a broken heart

Just like the new song of Lindsay Lohan but this is not from daughter to father, probably from a guy(that's me) to a gal.

Christmas is all around as we reached the cold month of December. It's the time of the year I wish to forget before, because I've experienced one hell of a heartbreak on Christmas eve. Yeah, I've moved on already since it's almost two years have past since that incident. I just want to refresh my mind and share the story.

I'm really shy around people I like, it seems that I don't have the courage to come up and talk to them. That's what happened at first to this crush of mine. I first saw her in the terminal of FX taxi's going to school. Then, we even, sitted adjacent to each other on a FX taxi one time.

That's just about it, I thought I'll never get to know her. Surprise, surprise! At the end of the semester, my cousin got her number through a common friend of ours, as he knew that it was my crush.

It started with text messages, chatting online, phone calls, etc. We see each other at school, we loiter in the freedom park, talking. Sometimes I wait for her to ride a FX taxi. She's the only girl I asked personally if I could court her, yeah, I know it's quite lame to ask it but girl's have different preferences, I thought if I ask it in front of her face she would know that I'm serious. Well, we're watching a game of volleyball, a game she love, she was a varsity back in high school, then I have a class at 4:30 in the afternoon, I checked my clock and it's already time, I said:

"Hey, I have a question."
"What is it?"
"Could I court you?"
She thought for a while and muttered, "I'll think about it."

I didn't hear anything about it from her, I just thought I just have to show what I feel. There's a time when I went to school to fetch her, just to surprise her. On the same day, I gave her chocolates, it's packed on a heart-shaped container, that's why I bought it. Also, I went to her house one time, as usual, we just talked. Before leaving, I gave her a book.

I have a feeling that it's going to be a sad Christmas when she texted me on Christmas Eve that she has to say something. She did tell me something, she said that she's going to answer her bestfriend, meaning her best bud would be her boyfriend. She confessed that she felt something with me too but with her bestfriend, the feeling was deeper. I guess it's really deep as they're still together until now.

Oh well. Damn females.