Home is where my heart is… Or is it?

P.L. Berger once said, No matter what, no matter where, it's always home, if love is there.

Apparently, the cause of our financial difficulties lately is the renovation of our house. I'm not so sure why they came to think that we need to extend our humble home, from bungalow to two-storey. Is it the furnitures? Is it because we are too many to fit in it? Oh well.

My folks thought they could squeeze another debt, so they made us choose between a car or to makeover our house. We won by a majority vote, 3-2, to buy a new car but those 2 siblings of mine, pleaded their case and wooed my mother to sway to the other side.

What happened? I just made it a running joke to my sister, the one who makes sandwiches for us, that she'll have to pay for it when she's already working. 25 years to pay. Dang. We're already teens ready to become adults, I still don't see why we needed to renovate, we may get married or something, or move out in a few years.

I wish they tried to fix internally first before trying to remake externally. Didn't they know there are issues needed to be addressed first? Like communication, we really haven't talked seriously about our life, what's happening to our school, etc. Like our grandparents, they still aren't on good terms. *sigh*

There's nothing I can do but to live with it. I ask myself sometimes, What if the car was bought, would it be different? My answer is in the negative so I'll probably keep it to myself and mum about the subject.


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