You’re lucky, lucky… you’re so lucky

Nah, this is not Franz Ferdinand's song Do you want to. It's what I secretly tell myself recently.

Yeah, I just realized how really blessed I am. I'm lucky to have my family and friends around me, especially now, when times are really hard. Just to give you a heads up on how tough is it now, I'll just give you an analogy; the prices of commodities are going up and my allowance is steadily declining every year.

I thought about it a couple of days ago when my classmate before, told me that he symphatize his neighbor who just have an allowance for his transportation to school. I thought mine was already low but needless to say, I'm lucky to have been able to eat and do something with what my parents give me.

I'm really thrifty when it comes to money. I save a lot since I don't have much to spend with and don't have someone to spend it on. Buying for my own benefit is probably one of the least on my list. I don't know but I'm really contented with what I have right now, family, friends and things just to name a few. I'm a typical jeans and shirt guy. When I go out you'll probably notice I just changed my shirt, the pants and the sneakers remain the same. Well, I don't care what other may think but it's not a big deal for me anyhow. Apparently, my savings was borrowed by my mother to pay for some bills, a sack of rice, etc. Well, I understand that I need to sacrifice my own enjoyment for the family's sake. I'm not suggesting that I'm good, sometimes I also think what if I have my money, would it make a difference? I don't think so. I'll just wait for lady luck to come our way and turn things around.

They always tell us (my siblings) to think of others, especially when eating, they would blurt out, Think of those who doesn't eat, yadda yadda yadda, you're just wasting your food. Personally, that really struck me as I can see that what they told us is true. Poverty is really rampant today and I'll leave you with a quote that goes, I cried because I have no shoes, until I saw a man with no feet. Life's full of blessings we are just too blind to see them.


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